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Clean your mask daily as required based on usage.

  1. Remove both filters

  2. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse, let dry

  3. Replace filters

  4. Insert new filters if necessary.

To replace the filters, pinch the tabs inwards and push filter into the mask cavity.


Filter change intervals are subject to mask use, environment and exposure.

If you only use the mask every few days or periodically through the week for simple outings such as shopping or running errands, the filters could last weeks.

If you use the mask every day, we suggest changing every day. If airborne contaminant exposure is low,  putting the filters into a daily cycle with a different set for each day of the week is also an option. When not in use, they are placed in a paper bag or container then placed in cool dark place.

If the mask is used in a dusty or an environment with high exposure, we recommend the filters be discard and replaced as needed. 

If experiencing a noticeable drop in performance, replace the filters.

  1. Orient clip with tab facing downwards.
  2.  Thread strap down through middle opening.
  3. Thread strap up through the front opening closest to the tab.
  4. Adjust strap to the appropriate length.
  5. Pull both pieces of strap down into the open end of the ladder lock to secure in place.

Canadian Device Certification – Health Canada Class I Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) #12589

North American Certification – The ProtXair™ FiltAir™ filter media is certified to ASTM F2100-11 Level 3.

European Certification – The ProtXair™ FiltAir™ filter media is certified to EN14683-2013 Type IIR European standard

Should you have any question, CONTACT US for additional information.

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