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3S ProtXair™ Face Mask

3S ProtXair™ Face Mask

Designed and manufactured in Ontario Canada, the 3S ProtXair™ works for you. High volume replaceable N99 equivalent filters allow maximum airflow. Lightweight transparent shell allows for facial recognition and visual communication.

The 3S soft plastomeric face gasket fits tight to the face without stress or discomfort. The gasket also holds the ProtXair™ in place to prevent movement and non-stop adjustments. The seal ensures that air flows through the filters for protection. It also prevents glasses and goggles from fogging up.

The 3S heat sink moves heat and moisture away from your face. The  ProtXair™ stays cool and comfortable all day long. It’s easy to clean and reuse over and over to help protect you and our Planet!

The ProtXair™ is available with a transparent shell with coloured gaskets. The shell is also available in select coloured options.  Custom printed and branding options are available upon request. Contact Us for more details or visit our Custom Colour page for more details.

Currently available in L/XL size with S/M coming soon!

It’s not just science, it’s smart safe science!


ProtXair™ is available in a clear shell with PURPLE, RED, BLUE, BLACK, GREEN gasket.  

Please specify gasket colour when checking out.

Solid, custom and branded options are available upon request. Contact Us for more details.

The ProtXair™ is designed and manufactured in Ontario Canada. The replaceable N99 filters have significantly higher air flow based on our 3S FiltAir™ design. The result has you breathing normally without feeling restrictions to your airflow commonly found with other face masks.  










The ability to bring fresh air into and out of a mask is measured by flow in litres per minute. The ProtXair™ face mask and FiltAir™ filer have over 20% greater flow than our competition. Our masks are able to achieve this flow rate without the use of exhaust vents and/or ports.

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